Polo Professionals at Horse Park

There are currently two professionals who work with the Horse Park Polo Club to provide lessons, clinics, horses and equipment for players if needed.  Lessons, clinics and horse use are separate from the Horse Park Polo Club dues and membership.  Players must be members of the Horse Park Polo Club to participate in lessons and clinics.  See the bios below for more information.

Francesca Finato

Originally from Palo Alto, Ca, Francesca attended Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo and played for the women’s Intercollegiate team for 3 years. After college, she pursued a career in construction management, but her passion for polo pulled her back to the polo world.

She began working with Erik Wright of Wrightway Polo in Menlo Park, Indio and Burbank. Erik taught her the intricacies of running a club, teaching new and experienced players, and fine tuning horses for optimal play. She now the manager and instructor at South Bay Polo Club in Gilroy and Menlo Polo Club in Menlo Park. She is also a Certified Polo Instructor through the United States Polo Association, as well as a certified umpire both outdoor and arena.

Francesca brings her superior management skills, teaching and coaching techniques to Horse Park Polo Club.

Visit South Bay Polo Club or email to francescafinatopolo@gmail.com for more information or to sign up for lessons or horses for chukkers.

Daniel Fernandez

Daniel Fernandez is a long time polo professional and coach.  He is a dedicated horseman in the sport.  This skill-set deeply influences his style of play and instruction.  As a former 5 goal player, he has played in some of the most prestigious polo across the globe and offers his students his unique insight and passion for the game.

Daniel strives to improve the quality of polo and horsemanship at every level. He focuses on fun, safe, classic polo on the grass and in the arena.  Please reach out if you are looking to improve your riding, communication with your horse, your game, or to find the perfect equine partner.

Daniel can be reached at (979) 398-4261.