Keep Arena Polo in Reach for the Next 20 Years!

Donate to the Horse Park Polo Club Arena Fund

Do you remember that exhilarating feeling of hitting your first polo ball or making your first goal in the Horse Park Arena?  The polo arena has served us well the past 20 years. It has now reached a point of much needed improvements. Help us maintain a strong polo legacy in the Bay Area. Many young players start playing here in the Interscholastic and Intercollegiate programs alongside our amateur players. Help us preserve this important legacy. 

The Horse Park Polo Arena is in urgent need of footing and wall repairs.  The footing has been in place for 20 years and has broken down over time. We are dedicated to safe polo for both our riders and our beloved horses.  New footing will provide a safe place to play and allow polo to continue more consistently through the winter months – our prime time!  New footing will allow for fewer rain out days and more time to play our favorite sport!

The estimated cost to complete the renovation is $60,000.00. As an amateur and youth club, we do not have the funds for this much needed renovation. We are turning to our friends and supporters, those of you with vivid memories of your times playing in the Horse Park arena.

It is the goal of the Horse Park Polo Club to provide an affordable first step into polo.  Let’s be honest – polo is an intimidating sport to try for the first time. Horse Park Polo Club is an anomaly in the sport, giving players the opportunity to join a club and play at an affordable rate. This allows us to introduce players to the sport without an initial large investment giving us the unique opportunity to introduce new players to try the sport at a lower financial risk.  For the amateur player, we are a place to gather, play, socialize and improve your skills!

Arena Fund$12,300.00$60,000.00