Become a Horse Park Polo Club Member

Membership for the Horse Park Polo Club includes unlimited chukkers for the calendar year and access to the hitting cage during Horse Park at Woodside hours. Polo club members must also join the Horse Park at Woodside (our facility) annually as a basic polo member.

Basic membership to The Horse Park at Woodside allows you to ride and warm up or train your horses in other arenas and cross country track on the days we have scheduled our polo activities. Additional use other than scheduled polo club activities requires membership or use fees paid to the Horse Park at Woodside.

Please complete the following forms for membership. These forms include the Horse Park Polo Club and Horse Park annual fees.  You must complete a membership and liability form for Horse Park Polo Club and Horse Park.

  1. Horse Park Polo Club Membership and Liability Form
  2. Horse Park Membership and Liability Form
  3. USPA Membership – We require all playing members to JOIN THE USPA

Prefer paper forms? Click here