About Horse Park Polo

The Horse Park Polo Club is dedicated to introducing and training newcomers to the sport of polo, offering players of all levels the opportunity to improve their game and to enjoy the sport of polo in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere while encouraging good sportsmanship and safe play. We are an arena polo club affiliated with the United States Polo Association with a regulation sized polo arena plus a hitting cage next to our arena.

The summer season begins in early May and continues through the middle of September. Club chukkers are Tuesday evenings, with group and individual lessons on Wednesdays.

Winter season runs from November to the end of March, weather permitting.  Club chukkers are Saturdays and Sundays starting at 11am.  Horse Park Polo Club also hosts the South Bay Polo Interscholastic team for middle and high school players.

Horses and equipment are available for hire through our club Pros.